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Dr Amanda Foreman tells an audience of Oldie magazine readers about her book, A World on Fire
AMANDA FOREMAN is the award-winning historian and internationally best-selling author of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire and A World on Fire: an Epic History of Two Nations Divided. She is the recipient of the 1998 Whitbread Award for Biography and the 2011 Fletcher Pratt Award for Civil War History.

"Ms. Foreman . . . is such an engaging writer that readers may find this 958-page volume too short." - Michael Burlingame, Wall Street Journal

'"Amanda Foreman's magnificent new book . . . resembles nothing so much as War and Peace." - Adam I.P. Smith, History Today

Named one of The New York Times Top 10 Books of 2011


Columnist for The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal - 11 July 2014
Historically Speaking: Famous Lost Words(PDF) Download Adobe Reader

The Wall Street Journal - 27 June 2014
Historically Speaking: When Summer is a Bummer(PDF) Download Adobe Reader

The Wall Street Journal - 13 June 2014
Historically Speaking: When a Monarch Calls It Quits(PDF) Download Adobe Reader

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