Amanda Foreman

Date of Birth: 30 June 1968
Place of Birth: London, England
Nationality: Dual US/UK
Education: Sarah Lawrence College, BA; Oxford University, M.Phil., D.Phil.


2013 The World Made by Women: A History of Women from the Age of Cleopatra to the Era of Hillary Clinton (Pengun/Allen Lane UK, Random House US)

2013 ‘Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation: A Propaganda Tool for the Enemy?’ in Reconfiguring the Union: Civil War Transformations, eds. Iwan W. Morgan and Philip John Davies (Palgrave MacMillan)

2013 ‘Hyde Park’ in City Parks: Public Places, Private Thoughts, Catie Marron (HarperCollins)

2010/11 A World on Fire (Penguin UK, Random House US)

2008 Introduction to George IV, Christopher Hibbert (New York, 2008)

2004 ‘What if Britain and the United States had gone to war in 1861’ in What Might have Been,ed. Andrew Roberts (Weidenfeld)

2004 Series editor with Professor Lisa Jardine, ‘Making History’, (HarperCollins world-wide)

2002 New Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford University Press), Multiple entries.

2001 Introduction to Madame de Pompadour, Nancy Mitford (New York Review of Books)

2001 Introduction to The Sylph, Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (Henry Parker UK)

1998 Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (HarperCollins UK, Random House US, 2000)

1997 ‘A Politician’s Politician’ in Gender in Eighteenth Century England: Roles, Representations and Responsibilities, eds. Elaine Chalus and Hannah Barker (Longmans UK)

Television and Radio Documentaries

2011 Contributor, Channel 5, ‘Code Plan Red’
Contributor, BBC Radio 4, The Prime Ministers: Series 2: 2. Earl Grey
Writer, presenter, BBC Radio 3, What is History?: episode 3
Writer, presenter, BBC 2, This Week, 27 May
Writer, presenter, BBC 2, This Week, 8 November

2002 Contributor, BBC 2 Reputations, ‘Marie Antoinette’

2002 Presenter and Writer, Channel 4 Television Documentary, ‘The Duke of Wellington and his Women’

2001 Presenter and Writer, BBC Radio Documentary, ‘Queen Victoria’

1999 Presenter and Writer, BBC Television, Newsnight, ‘The Abolition of the House of Lords: What the Future Holds’

1999 Consultant, Channel Four Television Documentary, ‘The Peoples’ Duchess: Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire’

1998 Presenter and Writer, BBC Radio Documentary, ‘The History of the Temperance Movement’


2012 Fletcher Pratt Award for excellence in Civil War history writing.

1999 Whitbread Prize for Best Biography

1993 Henrietta Jex-Blake Senior Fellowship, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

Short List

2012 Lincoln Prize

2012 Lionel Gelber Prize

2012 National Book Critics Circle Award

2011 Jefferson Davis Award

2010 PEN/Hessell-Tiltman History Prize

1998 Guardian First Book Award


2012 Judge, Man Booker Prize

2012 Judge, Dan David Prize

2011/12 Judge, PEN/Hessell-Tiltman History Prize

2009 Judge, National Book Award – Non Fiction

2000 Judge, The Orange Prize For Women’s Fiction

1999 Judge, The Guardian First Book Award

Trustee, Board Membership, and Professional Affiliations

Board Member, Biographers International Organization, 2013 -

Board Member, American Friends of Policy Exchange, 2012 -

Advisory Council, New York Public Library, 2009 -

Advisory Council, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, 2005 -

Visiting Senior Research Fellow in History, Faculty of Arts, Queen Mary College, University of London, 2004 -

Advisory Council, New York Public Library, 2009 -

Advisory Council, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, 2005 -

Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, 2001 -

Board Member, American Friends of the National Theatre, 2011 -

Board Member, ‘Young Lions’, New York Public Lions, 2001-2005

Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Writing, Gallatin School, New York University, 2002

Board Member: American Friends of the Royal Court Theatre, 2001- 2007

Board Member: Sarah Lawrence College, 2000 - 2004

Council Member: Index on Censorship, 1994 - 2007
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A World On Fire A World On Fire - Additional Materials The Duchess by Amanda Foreman Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman Georgiana's World by Amanda Foreman The Sylph - by Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire, Foreword by Amanda Foreman Madame de Pompadour by Nancy Mitford, Foreword by Amanda Foreman What Might Have Been by Andrew Roberts Gender in Eighteenth Century England by Hannah Barker and Elaine Chalus George IV by Chistopher Hibbert, Foreword by Amanda Foreman

Making History Series
Co-edited with Lisa Jardine

Waterloo by Andrew Roberts The Awful End of William The Silent by Lisa Jardine Kristallnacht by Martin Gilbert